Minoos-Okinaneko Maine Coons

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Our breeding program is based on genetic principles, with a passion for promoting positive breed characteristics while eradicating or minimising negative traits of hereditary diseases. Our emphasis is on health. FIFe registered prefix outside Canada is Okinaneko


A number of years ago I had taken one of our Bengal males for a visit to our veterinary clinic, and while we sat in the waiting room a technician brushed through one of the clinic service doors holding an animal clearly two-thirds her size. The owner, a tall, lanky gentleman, stood up and went over to receive his pet. At first I hadn't a clue what the animal was, but then I saw the creatures head pop over the shoulder of his minion. I thought I was looking at a Lynx until the fellow turned around to leave, and then I saw the extent of the animals size. This 'cat' was being held “rag-doll” style over the owners shoulder while supporting its rump. The tail hung straight down close to the gentleman’s knees. I got up and intercepted the fellow to ask him just what he was holding. He simply answered, “this is a Maine Coon. He's 11 months old.” I stammered and said, “but where did you find this cat?” He replied, “Sharmani Maine Coons.”


And so enters Angus Gordon McLeod, our first Maine Coon adopted from Sharon and Manny Strauch of Sharmani Maine Coons. In the following years as we developed our cattery, Sharon and Manny taught us much about the world of cat breeding and how to maintain strong, healthy bloodlines. Sharon and Manny's devotion to their cats was outstanding, and together Sharon and Manny had become a team supporting each other through all trials and triumphs. Sharmani Maine Coon cattery had without a doubt set standards for ensuring an environment both nurturing and stimulating, while providing the highest quality in nutrition for cats and kittens alike.


We are Teena and Greg Staples, CCA registered as Minoos Maine Coons in Canada, registered breeders with FIFe in Europe and TICA in the United States, as Okinaneko Maine Coons. We are located in the Muskokas just outside of Gravenhurst. We provide an enriched and stimulating environment for our cats and kittens physical and mental well-being, ensuring that they will thrive and develop to their fullest potential. Minoos-Okinaneko Maine Coons is a registered company in Ontario. Minoos-Okinaneko Maine Coons uses A Code of Practice for Canadian Cattery Operations (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 2009) to promote sound care, management, and welfare practices within the cattery, and we employ Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a model for success in exceeding feline needs. Our cats are raised overhead as well as underfoot. Our home has trees, walkways, and shelves that allow felines access to most rooms upstairs or down without having to set a paw on the floor, the nursery and kitten rooms being the only exception.

Greg and Teena Staples
1014 Snider's Bay Road
Gravenhurst, Ontario
P1P 1R2